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Voyager is HAPPY's best-selling single-head embroidery machine ever, and no wonder: Voyager's unique combination of sewing power, quality, and user-friendliness is unmatched by any other compact multi-needle embroidery machine on the market.

Voyager 2 Key Features

  • Intuitive color touch screen: on-board help, auto error correction
  • 12" x 12" hoop - large sewing field
  • 1,000 stitches per minute speed
  • Compact, quiet: small, stable 11"x 17" base, quiet, smooth operation.
  • USB flash drive port accepts various brands, sizes of USB flash memory sticks
  • Built-in networking - control multiple Happy machines from 1 PC
  • Compatible with commercial clamps and hoops - great flexibility
  • New mid-2014 update 1.35 adds productivity, improves ease of use - read on below!
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Gallery and Links

wide cap sewing field
Wide cap field - embroider the front and sides in one hooping!
Voyager2 embroidery machine new touch screen control panel
Intuitive color touch screen shows
key sewing information at all times!
Happy Voyager 2 1-head embroidery machine with touch screen
Compact design, yet big sewing power - runs true production!

1 point frame
New 1-Point Frame for tight spots
like cuffs and pockets

customizable control panel for Voyager embroidery machine
Customize your work screen!
Like a smartphone or tablet.

USB ports for Voyager

Inside Voyager: the heart
of its larger cousins.

Technical Highlights
USB ports for VoyagerFlash Memory:
Accepts USB thumb drives of various sizes/brands.
happy voyager built in bobbin winder Bobbin Winder:
Wind your own bobbins while sewing to color match your embroidery!
voyager embroidery machine interior frame Durable Construction
Die-cast metal frame, heavy-duty drive system for continuous operation and long machine life - proven after years in the field.

Click image to view a closeup.
maps for embroidery machine hoopsRecognize any 3rd party hoop
that fits on the machine with custom hoop maps! Visualize and adjust design position and fit onscreen just as you can with Happy brand hoops. Click image to read more.
   Video Gallery 
video on Voyager touch screen control panelIntroduction to Voyager 2
Demonstration video all about Happy's Voyager 12-needle embroidery machine
video on Voyager touch screen control panelVoyager 2's Touch Screen In Action
Watch a video on Voyager 2's new touch screen control panel. Easy to use!
video on Voyager touch screen control panelCap Sewing Setup on Voyager 2
See how easy it is to embroider on finished ballcaps with Voyager
video on Voyager touch screen control panelVoyager 2 With a Hooptech Clamp 
An example of Voyager's sewing flexiibility with this popular add-on.



Useful Links

How to start your embroidery business with HAPPY Voyager embroidery machineVoyager and your Embroidery Business:
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Support for Happy Voyager 1-head embroidery machineHelp and Support for Voyager:
If you need help with your Voyager embroidery machine, click on the image on the left..

Embroidery Machine financing optionsFinancing Options for Happy Voyager2
Find out about financing options for purchasing new Happy Voyager2 embroidery machines.

Key Measurements

  • Machine width: (base) 10.5", (with control panel) 27.1"
  • Machine weight: 88lbs assembled; 125lbs in box.
  • Machine height: 29"; Machine length/depth: 10.5" / 29.5"
    Boxed dimensions: 36"L x 28"h x 20"w *
  • * Dimensions do not include shipping palette

Sewing Performance

  • Continuous sewing field: normal (tubular) - 12.5" x 12.5"; cap field 2.7"h x 11.4"w
  • Sewing Speed: normal (tubular) - 1000spm; cap sewing speed 750spm
  • Duty Cycle: 8 hours+ continuous operation
Happy Voyager Embroidery Machine diagram

Voyager 2 Improvements

  • Color touch screen with cleaner layout; easier to learn than ever
  • Refininements to mechanical and electronics
  • Fast color change and other movements to reduce project time
  • Organize designs in custom folders on-screen
  • Virtual keyboard makes in-machine lettering a snap
  • Additional auto-maintenance and reporting features
  • Improved networking allow browsing of remote PC's
  • Compatibility with 64-bit Windows including Windows 7 & 8
  • Update 1.35 adds new capabilities:
    • Organize designs in up to 20 subfolders
    • Relocate designs in the hoop with a single tap on screen
    • Fresh icon labels for faster learning
    • 1-button jump to main screen from all screens
    • Improved production & machine reporting
    • Multiple operator logon / master logon to track individual production
  • Plus much more!
happy voyager 2 with hooptech clamping systems
Voyager 2 with clamping system,
embroidering on canvas laptop bag
Amazing flexibility!
Happy Voyager embroidery machine LED illumination lights
Well lit sewing area with multiple LEDs
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