Designed and manufactured by Mastermind of Japan, SOLO direct to garment printers represent the culmination the company's many years of experience with direct to garment printers.   SOLO's design raises the bar on performance and reliability, and its years in the field have proven this out, impressing owners with its output.  SOLO produces images with amazing sharpness and brilliance that are have excellent wash-fastness and softer to the "hand" than the competition.  As a result, SOLO is an excellent choice for those looking to operate a direct to garment printing business. 

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TEXMAC SOLO Direct to Garment Printer
Texmac's SOLO garment printer is designed to be compact and convenient: at just over 3 feet long x 2 feet wide, SOLO lets you set up in a relatively small office space.  SOLO has demonstrated remarkable print quality, reliability and production power in the field - a testament to the experience and design behind TEXMAC garment printers.  SOLO's major features: 
Printer type: 1-head, piezo-electric drop-on-demand CMYK + White
Max print area: 12.5"w x 19.5"h  
Max Resolution: 1440 x 2880 dpi
WICS white ink circulation system for clog-free operation 
Included VARIO RIP software
3 Included printing platens: adult, child & sleeve sizes
Adjustable-height platen allows variable types of garments
Prints on cotton & blend fabrics
Uses INKMAX bulk & refillable cartridge inks

 Actual printed shirts from TEXMAC SOLO

     Advantages and Key Features Illustrated

Cartridge System No mess, simple to replace, even printing on the fly. High quality INKMAX Inks = brilliant colors WICS White Ink Circulation System maximizes quality and minimizes down time & clogging issues found with other printers. Advanced Feed system maximizes performance and allows precise ink flow control. Self monitoring, auto cleaning functions. Startup Kit includes inks, software, maint. kit & other goodies to get you started and keep you going! VARIO RIP Software makes setup & printing easy on dark & light garments.  Powerful, yet simple to use.
       The TEXMAC Advantage
QUALITY AND EXPERIENCE  TEXMAC printers take advantage of the manufacturers' deep engineering know-how and years of field experience producing direct garment printers: out-of-the-box, TEXMAC printers have proven themselves ready to work, requiring far less maintenance than previous-generation printers, whether set up for occasional or full-production operation.
FULL SERVICE ONE-STOP SHOP.  As a provider, TEXMAC Inc. continues its tradition of full support with TEXMAC garment printers, providing free initial consultation, training at purchase time and on-going educational programs help new owners become productive quickly, and stay there through all phases of their business.  TEXMAC also competitively provides supplies (ink) and parts, allowing customers a true one-stop solution.

      SOLO 1-head printer

  Included Hardware
- Maintenance/cleaning kit - Adult-sized platen
- Operator's toolkit - Child-sized platen
- VARIO RIP software - Sleeve platen
Operating Environment:  
- Maintenance/cleaning kit - Adult-sized platen
- Operator's toolkit - Child-sized platen
- VARIO RIP software - Sleeve platen
    - Print Nozzles: 4 white + 4 color (1 each for C,M,Y,K)
    - Ink System:
cartridge color, bulk recirculating white
    - Dimensions:
27.0"W x 37.1"L x 19.6"H
    - Weight:
Approx. 155 lbs (70kg)
    - Power: 110v or 240v AC
  Additional recommended hardware: Heat press, standard
   spray gun (for pre-treating dark garments)



Simple Setup, Small Runs: Direct to garment inkjet printers allow you to to print images images directly onto t-shirts, skipping many of the complex, time-consuming steps in screen printing, such as color separation, burning screens or cleaning up emulsions. This gives direct garment printing some distinct advantages: (1) Images with lots of color blends (think family photos!), are just as easy to print as a 1 or 2-color logo, and (2) the simpler setup makes even small and medium-sized runs practical.

Operational Flexibility: Additionally, without the messy, smelly chemical cleanup or the need for the large tunnel dryers (only a small heat press is needed for the curing process), direct garment printers let you set up a t-shirt printing operation in many locations where screen printing can't go.


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