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About Stitch & Sew (Click on box to download a PDF File)
Based on the long-running CompuCon EOS line of digitizing systems, Stitch & Sew 2.0 offers many many features in this digitizing system and is easy to learn.  Lots of powerful digitizing & editing tools and upgradeable to the full CompuCon system or any level in between.  With Version 2.0, Stitch & Sew is now offered in 2 levels - Studio and Studio Plus.

 (Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista 32-bit operating systems)
Stitch & Sew's auto-digitizing suite is one of the best in the business and is a great time saver for experienced digitizers who have good, clean art and a great starter tool for those who are just learning.  You can even combine auto-digitizing with traditional digitizing tools !
Photo-Stitch Almost literally a 1-click process lets you take personal photos and instantly turn them into black-and-white or full color 4-colorp process embroidery portraits!
Full Digitizing Tools If you like to do the driving, Stitch & Sew comes with handy digitizing tools that are easy and intuitive to learn - you'll find yourself building shapes and logos in no time, and there are a lot of specialty stitch types in addition to fills, satins & running stitches that will let you create lots of special effects.
Lettering Stitch & Sew takes advantage of embroidery-specific alphabets for better quality but also lets you use your computer's TrueType fonts for more flexibility.  Create fast 3-letter monograms, arced/bridged text and other effects with ease.
Editing Stitch & Sew's editing suite is really easy to use and lets you edit all aspects of your work to empower you to fix any problems you encounter.
We've found that with the program's ease of use combined with weekly online training and in-house training at any of our locations, our customers are able to get started quickly with their Stitch & Sew software !

  Complete Feature List (updated September 9, 2008)

   GENERAL FUNCTIONS     Advanced Digitizing Features in Studio Plus Level  
   File Handling Functions   Fast manual running stitch - for fast transition between sections  
  New - opens blank workspace or existing file   Machine code-level editing - for precise control of machine commands at all stitch points  
  Open - reads home / commercial embroidery formats*    Sequin digitizing tool  
  Browser - browse through folders and designs      
  Save/Save As - home & commercial formats      
  Read from machine disks      
  Format floppy    CREATE FUNCTIONS  
  Library of free pre-constructed designs    Drawing Creation Tools  
  CD Library - ability to browse Compucon stock design products    Outline creation tool (open / closed outline)  
  Print design   Branches creation tool  
  Print Preview   Auto-creation of geometrical shapes: Rectangle  
  Import file as background template   Auto-creation of geometrical shapes: Rounded rectangle  
  Twain scanner compliant - scan directly into Stitch & Sew   Auto-creation of geometrical shapes: Circle / Ellipse  
      Auto-creation of geometrical shapes: Polygon  
   View Functions   Auto-creation of geometrical shapes: Star  
  Zoom in/out      
  Full Screen View: enlarges the workspace    Fill Types  
  Background (select either color or a scanned fabric bitmap   "Line" - Running stitch  
  Grid with adjustable size   "Satin" - satin fill  
  Stitch points: display or hide hit points of a design    "Normal Fill" - complex fill  
  Ruler: measure distances / parts of a design   "Normal Fill inclination" - branches  
  Hoop:  select hoop to view with design   "Applique" - Applique fill  
  Slow Redraw: variable-speed re-draw of stitches in a design      
  Toolbars - show/hide toolbars   Stitch Types  
  Set screen color   Satin  
      Step satin  
   Design Manipulation Functions   Step 1/1  
  Change dimensions   Step 1/2  
  Center design   Step 1/3  
  Cleanup   Random step  
      Triple Run Stitch for Redwork/Blackwork  
   Parameter Setting Functions   100 Pattern step fills  
  Embroidery parameters: properties for embroidery objects   100 Elastic step fills  
  System Parameters: set various parameters for the system   100 Motif fills  
  Diagnostics: PC configuration for troubleshooting      
       Embroidery Parameters  
   Graphic functions   Density  
  Drawing package   Underlay  
      Pull Compensation  
   Help Features   Inserts  
  Help (topics)   Long Satin  
  Tutorials   Tie in/off  
      Auto-Outline: satin and running stitch outline  
   Editing Functions   Degrade Density for color blending  
  Select block or part of a design   Jagged edge for Satin & Random Stitch  
  Move selected block or part      
  Cut selected block or part    Options  
  Copy selected block or part    Functions  
  Paste selected block or part   Realistic View: 3D simulation of design  
  Delete selected block or part   Block List: ability to re-order and easily edit blocks  
  Block editing (outline - inclination - start & end point)   Stitch Processor  
  Stitch Editing - move/insert/delete stitches   Cross-stitch type for manual punching  
  Set "connection policy" for connection between blocks   Magic Wand  
  Change color of each individual block   Hyperfont: automatic TTF conversion  
  Apply fabric - sets parameters to preset values for fabrics   Autopunch (fill) auto digitizing wizard  
      Cross-stitch automatic wizard  
   Lettering Features   Photostitch automatic wizard  
  70 preconstructed font styles (Studio), 100 font styles Studio Plus      
  9 lettering frames (Studio)  30 lettering frames (Studio Plus)    "Goodies"  
  Define "Height" and "Space" of letters   Purchase additional preconstructed fonts from Compucon library  
  Advanced letter/line spacing   Training video CD  
  3-Letter monogram functionality   Quick start guide  
  Name Drop function (Studio Plus)      
  Auto satin/running stitch border option for all fonts      
 Minimum System Requirements
It's important to make sure your computer is new enough to work with the Stitch & Sew program.  Fortunately, you won't need a brand-new computer, but at least follow these minimum guidelines: 
Processor speed -  Be sure you have at least a Pentium III computer or newer, with a speed of at least 800Mhz.  Note that newer faster processors may significantly increase the speed of some operations.
Memory - If you're running Windows 2000 or Windows 98, have at least 128 Mb of RAM, but I recommend at least 512.  If you're running Windows XP, have at the very least 256 Mb of RAM but I recommend 1 Gigabyte for smooth operation.  For Windows Vista, double this again:  1Gb minimum.
Hard Drive Space - Be sure to have at least 100 Mb free of drive space. Also, make sure your hard drive has at least 20% free space.  For example if it's a 60Gb hard drive make sure at least 12(twelve) Gb are free.  
Monitor/Display - For graphics programs I recommend at least a 17" monitor or if you have an LCD screen or laptop at least a 15" screen.  Make sure you can set your display to at least 1024 pixels x 768 pixels to take best advantage of the program's tools. 
Mouse or other device - Find a mouse that is comfortable in your hand.  Some people purchase graphic "pens" that they can "draw" with directly on a specialized tablet.  You're welcome to try that out if you strongly prefer this input method.
Scanner - Just about any scanner should work as long as the scan area is large enough to fit the items you wish to scan.  No handheld scanners - desktop flatbed scanners are best, although the combination scanner/copier/printers that have been popular will also work.
Other considerations - Like a lot of specialty software, Stitch & Sew uses a special security key to prevent piracy or theft - it's a small "key" that plugs into any available USB port. You're allowed to install the program into as many computers as you wish, and just plug the key into whichever computer you need to use.